CALENDAR of PUBLIC VENUES for SMUGTOWN STOMPERS                                                (no private functions appear on this calendar)  


        WOW ........ 2018.....coming soon !!


Early look at 2018 schedule:

FlowerCityJazzSociety (Radisson Hotel, Jefferson Rd, near RIT)   evening event, currently planned for February 19th, Monday, 6:30pm-9:30pm, Smugtown Stompers with Carol Mulligan

Fundraiser for GIGI's Playhouse, Hyatt Regency, Rochester, March 24th, Smugtown Small Group, walk-around group playing cocktail hour (6-7pm)

Early June ( Hmmm........... ) keep it under your hat  !!      Hint: just like years previous (Hmmm..........)

Sodus Bay Lighthouse Historical Society, Sunday, July 8th, at Sodus Point, NY, afternoon concert, 2pm-4pm.  Smugtown Stompers with Carol Mulligan. for directions, parking, shuttle-bus service


For a two-monthly calendar mailed in a newsletter,  join the Flower City Jazz Society  (585) 435-4794 for membership/newsletter/calendar;  $15/person/year 
 Book the band:  call 585-381-7603 (leave message) or contact any band member