CALENDAR of PUBLIC VENUES for SMUGTOWN STOMPERS                                                (no private functions appear on this calendar)  


        WOW ........  !!

MONDAY,  JUNE  12,  2017  SMUGTOWN STOMPERS "small group" will play JAZZ-90.1 CRUISE 5:45pm on Colonial Belle, Fairport, NY.  Fund-Raiser for JAZZ-90.1 radio.  Next ticket sales start April 3, 2017 [ for instructions=> ]. 

Summer jobs in July/August:  details coming soon !!

Check in late May for details (date & location) of our "Early OCTOBER-2017" event !!


For a two-monthly calendar mailed in a newsletter,  join the Flower City Jazz Society  (585) 435-4794 for membership/newsletter/calendar;  $15/person/year 
 Book the band:  call 585-381-7603 (leave message) or contact any band member